Batumi Aquarium


Water covers 71% the Earth’s surface, the oceans contain 97.2% of Earth’s water. Water is said to be the origin of life – according to scientific studies, liquid water first flowed on the Earth 4.4 billion years ago. The point of contact when water meets land occurs on shores and beaches.
Waves constantly hit land’s surface, eroding the rocky shorelines into finer grains of sediments, eventually creating a beach.


The design for the aquarium is inspired from the pebbles of the Batumi beach, and the ingrained, nostalgic memory of dynamic seas that shape land and carry rich marine life. A strong recognizable landmark emerges along the beach where its location makes it visible both from land and from sea. The aquarium is located outside of the 6th May park, creating a unique identity for the aquarium and enables it to brand itself independently from all the other attractions of the 6th May park.

Its location on the beachfront makes it a strong presence for tourists, and adds to the modernity of the new waterfront currently under development.

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