Station Aquarius

PROJECT:   Station Aquarius (2015)
LOCATION:   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
PROJECT COST:   USD$ 1 Million
AREA:   104,000 SG FT
PROJECT SCOPE:   1. Design & Build


Station Aquarius (2015)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
USD$ 1 Million
104,000 SG FT
1. Design & Build

Station Aquarius has been developed as an educational facility to recruit eco cadets to turn the tides of our planet’s environmental destruction.

A Station Aquarius cadet follows the tenets/motto:

We Conserve
what we love

We Love
what we understand

We Understand
what we learn

The center core holds the the exhibition content, and like a modular system, the links can grow to cover a myriad of subjects and exhibitions.

The range of exhibition themes are:
Genus Lab,
Seahorse Lab,
Jellyfish Lab,
Moon Lab,
Paleontology Lab,
Monster of the deep,
Volcanoes of the Deep,
Antarctic Experience,
The Final Frontier (a Space Odyssey).

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