Sumitra Resort & Hotel,Coral Lagoon, Bali


Sumitra Resort & Hotel Bali
Sanur Bali
USD$ 1,900,000.00

CLIENT:   Sumitra Resort & Hotel Bali
LOCATION:   Sanur Bali
PROJECT COST:   USD$ 1,900,000.00


The Sumitra Resort & Hotel Bali,offers unique experience for visitors by providing a semi open recirculating life support system for a marine Tidal lagoon and a Mangrove lagoon that holds natural seawater.

The Coral Lagoon will feature live and artificial corals with a Discover Scuba section. The Mangrove Lagoon acts as a natural refugium which allows mangrove trees and other marine plants to thrive.

Visitors and tourists are also able to dive and snorkel all year round in the safety of the resort.

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